Experience and contributions

Optics and Photonics covers an enormous spectrum of applications and science. Below is a relatively generic list of projects that I have contributed to.
Health and Medicine

Molecular Diagnostic Instrumentation, Point of Care, UVC Sterilization, Biomedical Optics in Research

Solid-State Lighting

Television and Film LEDs, Roadway LED Lighting, High CRI LEDS, Freeform Optics and Light Guides

Advanced photonic measurements and applications

LIDAR, Time Resolved Fluorescence, Optogenetics, Precision Metrology, Cost effective Biomedical Sensors


Engineering Services

Ray Tracing, Optomechanical Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Testing


Listed below are a set of discrete skills and tools I have command of and my perception of how often I utilize them in projects that I consult on:
Skills and Tools Available to Clients

I've consulted on over 50 different products over the last three years and few of them ever follow the same design process. Large device manufacturers, universities, industrial designers, small businesses and startups all have their own set of resources and way of managing them. It is my intention, therefore, to integrate myself and my skillset into those situations fluidly. To that effect, I have learned tertiary skills beyond optics and photonics in order to better impact the likelihood of project success. I have experience not only in optics and photonics design, but, in design control for FDA 13485 and ISO 9001, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, programming, quality assurance, NIH grant writing, component sourcing and manufacturing.

  • Optical simulation with Zemax

    Sequential and Non-sequential Simulation, Optimization and Analysis

  • Optical Test and measurement equipment

    An Integrating Sphere, Spectrometers, Radiometric measurements of UV, VIS and NIR wavelengths

  • Mechanical and optical CAD modeling with SolidWorks

    Material Selection, Ingress Protection, Packaging, Drop, Assembly

  • Circuit board design with orcad

    Electrical Simulation, Schematic, Layout, GERBERS, ATMEL Studio, Circuit Test Equipment


"To koinei sympheron" - Aristotle


Optical Scientist and Engineer
Education: University of South Florida (College of Engineering), University of Central Florida (College of Optics and Photonics), University of Arizona (College of Optical Sciences)

Personal Statement

I consider myself to be curious, loyal and introspective. I enjoy the feeling of teaching and sharing knowledge, just as I embrace the information others share with me. Throughout my career, I have had been fortunate to have been surrounded by brilliant, educated and compassionate mentors, as well as, have a small group of supporters. I wish to carry on their legacy and prove my convictions to those around me, and, ultimately, to myself.

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